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Euro 2024 Qualifying 20124 sales training successfully ended
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         On the ninth day of the New Year, when Vientiane updated the study.With the beautiful moment of sharing with the New Year blessing of the Dragon,,Euro 2024 Qualifying In order to better meet business challenges,Specially created a sales training for sales teams for the sales team。Combination of practical combat and theory of this training,Its essence is communication、division of labor、Cooperation、Common progress,To form a clear goal、Fighting team。This training company attaches great importance to,Careful Organization,Fully cover the company's sales all members。After the company's leadership opens the preaching,Five -day sales training officially started。

      February 18,Euro 2024 Qualifying invited a large customer marketing expert、Jinan University MBA、Teacher Zhao Yang, a national senior enterprise trainer, conducted a special training for EURO 2024 Qualifying's sales team "Big Customer Strategic Marketing and Thinking Innovation"。

In this course,The teacher explained in depth how to establish a closer cooperative relationship with the customer,Provide more intimate solutions,Vision to realize the growth with customers。Through case analysis、Team cooperation,Help sales staff becomes the preferred partner in the hearts of customers。At the same time, the business environment is constantly changing,Innovative thinking becomes the key to success。Euro 2024 Qualifying also discusses how to break the traditional thinking binding,Flexible cope with market challenges。Through creative workshop、Team cooperation,Stimulate your innovative potential,Let you stand out in the fierce market competition。

1.Sales skills explanation

  In the in -depth study of special training,Euro 2024 Qualifying explored advanced sales skills,From communication art to emotional management,How to establish a closer contact with customers,Listening needs,Precise grasping customer voice,to reach a more ideal cooperation in communication。The business world changes rapidly,Innovative thinking has become the key to continuous success。Explanation,Expand the Border Border,Breaking the traditional restraint,Discuss how to maintain a leading position in the competition,Create a new business value。

2. Group discussion

  The future business world requires the wisdom of teamwork,Discussion on group discussions is the stage for exercising the spirit of the student team。In this process,Students shared their respective views,Enlightenment,Cultivated tacit understanding of teamwork。This team spirit will be a breakthrough in the future business war、The key to creating miracles。

3. Communication experience

  The success of future business is inseparable from the collision and communication of thought,The experience exchange link in training is the platform that students jointly enlighten wisdom。Share experience and perception,Students continue to improve in the collision of thought,It has formed a more mature business perspective。The accumulation of this experience will be a huge intellectual asset in the future business war。

4. Course summary

  In this special training,Euro 2024 Qualifying embarked on a journey of wisdom in business war。Key strategies for in -depth analysis of the strategy and innovative thinking of large customer and innovative thinking,Euro 2024 Qualifying not only broaden the business field,More in the practice of actual case exercises。This training not only conveys valuable knowledge,More participants provide valuable tools that are more calm in the commercial arena。

After learning the special training of "Customer Strategic Marketing and Thinking Innovation",Students are full of confidence and prospects for the future。Each sales person will use new thinking and skills,Brave on the business stage。The future is a challenging battlefield,But Euro 2024 Qualifying knows,With the wisdom of this training,Euro 2024 Qualifying will find a successful path in the unknown business world。

February 20,The company's internal training officially starts,After the company's leadership opens the preaching,Training officially starts。

This training is divided into 4 plates,Including system、Process、Labels、Contract review explanation; product data explanation; physical product explanation; training technique training。

 I. System, process, bid book,Contract reviewExplanation

from the Marketing Department、Ministry of Marketing and other departments joint training for various systems、Precautions for the book、Contract review,Help improve the basic working ability and business level of sales staff,Enhance market competitiveness。

2. Explanation of physical products

by the company leader、Marketing Department、R & D department and production material department training product knowledge、Project performance and other knowledge,Explanation through the physical product of the system,Make the sales team systematically establish a product system architecture,Intuitive understanding of product characteristics,Better service customers,Service Market。

3, product information explanation

from the R & D Department、Service Department for product theory、How to promote sales such as service to train,Learning through professional theoretical basic knowledge,Make each sales staff really grow into a professional、Integrity market promoter,Improve the company's order probability,Constantly improving customer service satisfaction。

4. Explanation of sales skills

Xu Qingfeng, deputy general manager of the company's sales, brought courses based on the development of big customers on the basis of the development of large customers,Deep understanding customer situation,Solve customer problems,Clean the obstacles of customers,Improve the ability of big customers,Realize the goals of large customers; sales personnel are more clear about the strategic thinking of developing high -quality customers。

Five -day sales training ended successfully,All the sales staff who participated in the training are full,Not only learned the basic knowledge of the product,also clarified the direction and ideas of customer breakthroughs; accumulation of training and experience,Euro 2024 Qualifying's thinking can be extended,Thoughts to improve。New year,I wish all sales staff in creating a learning type、Innovation type、Competitive type、Rigid type、The more the open enterprise goes better and better、Performance Changhong!