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Party building co -construction cooperation demonstration unit signing and unveiling ceremony
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   March 6, 2024,Director of Longteng Demonstration Zone, Beijie Street、Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee、Li Zhiqiang, Secretary of the Party Committee of Longteng Community、Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Lu Aixin、Deputy Director of Demonstration Zone Wang Cong、Yu Xiaofei and the community deputy secretary Li Ruiqi participated in the signing ceremony of the "Party Construction Co -construction Cooperation Demonstration Unit",Euro 2024 Qualifying Deputy Secretary of the Party Branch Guo Zhaojing、Xu Wei, member of the Communist Party Branch、Sun Yuzhen and the branch secretaries attended this event。

Activity review

  Community leaders visit automated workshops in turn、Group Headquarters Exhibition Hall,Detailed understanding of the development process of automation companies and EURO 2024 Qualifying Group,Feeling the company has changed from an early age、Transformation from weak to strong,Comrade Li Zhiqiang said that this is an excellent pursuit of EURO 2024 Qualifying,Deep experience of the courage to innovate the spirit。

   Comrade Guo Zhaojing led the community leaders to visit the party building activity room,It means that this is the home of the spirit of party members of the Euro 2024 Qualifying party,Show the party's history、Party members style and practice and achievements in party building,Community leaders incorporated party building work into corporate culture、The practice of promoting the development of the enterprise expressed high appreciation。

   During the meeting,Comrade Guo Zhaojing expressed his gratitude to the community leaders for their care and support for the party building work of the enterprise,It indicates that this is a new starting point、New journey,will take this activity as an opportunity,further strengthening party building work,Promote the in -depth development of the party building culture of the community and the enterprise,Stimulated more new ideas and strategies to promote the development of enterprise。

   Then the two parties conducted discussions and exchanges,Share deep insights on party building work,Discuss how to further promote the integration of party building and enterprise development。To further consolidate the work of party building and co -construction at the grassroots level,Realize the advantages of community enterprises to complement each other,The signing ceremony of the "Party Construction Co -Construction Cooperation Demonstration Unit" was conducted!

This activity will improve the quality of party building work、Promoting enterprise development、Serving the overall situation of social society is important,At the same time, it also helps to realize resource sharing between communities and enterprises、complementary advantages、In -depth integration of promoting the development of party building business,Realize multi -party win -win。