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The spirit of Xuehuaihuai, remember the years
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        May 25, 2024,Euro 2024 Qualifying Chairman、Comrade Liu Jia, Secretary of the Party Branch, led all the company's party members and outstanding employees to visit the General Shan Guhuai Road,Find Red Memory,Inherit the spirit of the revolution。Virginity、Full enthusiastic education guides the majority of party members and the masses to adhere to the original intention,Yong Affairs Mission,Catch the benchmark,Creating first -class。


Repeated historical glory and fierce sails


      Ancient Huai Road under the name of the ancient locust tree in his 700 years,The entire street has evolved according to the time of social progress。Old abacus、charge number、Military kettle、Coal Lights、Old abacus、Old seat clock、flat burden、Scale、Humry、radio、TV、Desktop phone ... These old objects on Guhuai Road are symbols of the development of the times,also records the history of the party's development。Under the leadership of the interpreter,Walk on Guhuai Road,Everyone remembers the history of the party,Promoting the spirit of the revolution。


Fanxin's direction, Sura the past


     A strong red atmosphere comes on the face,It seems to have returned to that war of war,The commentary tells the touching stories for everyone,Let everyone realize that it is not easy for a happy life。In the communication between leaders and employees,It also reflects the thoughts of everyone in this era of hot flow,Crossing back to the red years of red。


Cing the heart to promote development, make contributions based on posts


Today,Euro 2024 Qualifying is closer than any period of history、More confidence and ability to realize the goal of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation。At a new starting point,The whole party must maintain strategic fixed force、Anchor strategic target,Keep in mind "the big of the country",In the historical process of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation,Running belongs to this stick that belongs to EURO 2024 Qualifying。

Everyone said,In future work,Based on the post、Diligence work,overcome difficulties、Monstrican dedication,Give full play to the leading role of the Communist Party members,Make due contributions to the continuous and efficient development and innovation of the enterprise。