Euro 2024 Qualifying
Company strengthStreangth

  High -quality talent team and powerful R & D team
       Euro 2024 Qualifying Automation Co., Ltd. always adheres to "people -oriented,Scientific and Technological Innovation "business philosophy,Since 2004,Especially for more than ten years of development,The company has introduced and trained a group of high education、High experience、High quality、R & D personnel and managers with high abilities。Today the company has 17 experts with senior titles and above,More than 40 people engaged in science and technology research and development,Nearly 100 people engaged in science and technology production and design,Gradually formed a reasonable scientific and technological management system。At the same time, in response to the current market and electrical industry requirements in response to the current stage,The company set up a R & D team、Marketing Group、Engineering Design Group、Production Group, Quality Control Group,All tasks are according to quality、Safety、Effective operation of the three systems,Provide high -quality products and services to users。

 R & D teamResponsible for the development of new products、Software Development、Product upgrade and maintenance。

 Marketing GroupResponsible for analyzing market forms,From product demand、Price floating、Equipment usage and other reasons for data analysis,Guaranteed to understand the latest dynamics of the industry in real time。

 Engineering Design GroupResponsible for the specific needs of each project,Special planning,Use two -dimensional、Three -dimensional CAD drawing software Make standard drawings,Meet project requirements。

 Production Group, Quality Control GroupResponsible for product production and quality control,Make sure to export the factory part of the product,Meet domestic technical indicators,Achieve no disabled product,corporate purpose of non -qualified products。