Euro 2024 Qualifying
Quality Assurance Quality Assurance

The company fully implements quality management ISO9001、Environment ISO14001、Occupational Health and Safety Management ISO45001 Management System Management,In the early 2000, the company successfully passed the three -in -one quality management system certification,In December 2021, the company once again achieved a three -in -one system,For more than 20 years, the company has passed the system management,Continuously providing security for users from all walks of life、Reliable、Stable series of products。

1  Contract Management Control Procedures

Clarify the control specifications of each execution process before the contract performance,Requirement of customer requirements and product satisfaction requirements,Management Contract Risk、Make sure the contract performance。There is no explicit requirements for customers,However, the product requirements and potential requirements that must be included in the specified or expected use must include,It is also integrated into the scope of review。Before the contract is signed,The business manager launched the "Technical Requirement Review Process" and "Contract Review Process" through OA,Make sure the product meets user needs。

2  Product and service design development control program

Implementation control of the product design and development of the product,Technician executes according to the program file,to ensure the requirements of documents and resources designed and developed products,Make sure to meet customer needs and relevant laws、Regulations requirements,Keep the advancedness and adaptability of the technology。Strict implementation of the company's chief engineer approval system for the application process of the new product,Make sure that the new product is scientific before promotion、Full argument。

3  Procurement control program 

Specifies the process of providing the supplier、Procurement of products and services,and according to the supply process、Products、Classification control of service importance,Make sure the process、Products、Service meets the expected quality and quantity requirements。The recruitment department shall be based on the supply of the supplier and the service quality information weekend、Performance of the supply party to establish "Daily Evaluation Records of Supply",As a basis for evaluation of the supplier。

4  Production process control program

Effective management and quality control through the product production process,Make sure the product requirements are effectively implemented,Meet customer requirements。Suitable for the nine management activities before the delivery of the contract to the delivery user,Including production plan management、Process Quality Control、Craft Discipline Execution、Equipment Management、Toolwork、Production consumables、Safety and on -site management、Labor protection supplies、Working hour quota。

5  Product delivery and service control procedures

Effective quality control of the product delivery and delivery activities,Meet product requirements requirements,Provide satisfactory and thoughtful service,To maximize customer requirements,Constantly improving product quality,Improve corporate reputation。Before the product is shipped,Transfer relevant departments。The service department should contact the user in time after the installation and commissioning,Contact the on -site acceptance of electricity and sending electricity,Acceptance and power delivery must fill in the "Debug/Service Report",Signed by the user or stamp the user unit,Back to the service department to archive。

6  Monitoring and measurement control procedures

For purchasing supplies、Production process、Semi -finished product、The quality characteristics of the finished product are tested and tested,Make sure purchasing materials、The quality requirements of process products and final products are met,Provide evidence to provide evidence that provides product quality to meet the requirements of the requirements for the effectiveness of the continuous improvement system。Including: Material inspection、Production process inspection、Semi -finished product inspection、Factory inspection、Trial Supervision Inspection。

7  Unqualified product control procedures

Through the judgment of the product that does not meet the requirements、Identification、Record、isolation、Control of review and disposal,Prevent non -expected use and delivery,Make sure the product meets customer requirements。Quality Inspection Department、The craft room is responsible for purchasing materials、Process inspection、Decision of the final inspection of unqualified products、Identification、Record、Statistics,Supervision responsibility departments perform unqualified isolation,and organize the analysis and judgment and responsibility implementation of the causes of non -qualified products,Urges the responsibility department to handle the processing and the implementation of responsibility costs。

8  Customer satisfaction control program 

Taking the customer satisfaction as the goal,Establishing and regulating customer satisfaction evaluation system,Collection、Analyze and use the relevant information of customer feedback,Determine whether the customer's needs and expectations are met,Ensure the objectivity and effectiveness of analysis and evaluation,Take corrective measures,To increase customer satisfaction。The Marketing Department organizes to send the Customer Satisfaction Survey Form,Consultation customer opinions,It is the port department of customer satisfaction and evaluation,Analysis of information responsible for satisfaction information、Evaluation、Use and continue to improve,Registration of customer complaints、Report and feedback work。