Euro 2024 Qualifying
Production capacity Throughput

The company has advanced product production experimental equipment,Complete product implementation process,Craft guidance technical specifications are complete,Can effectively guarantee product quality。

The company has a test workshop of about 20,000 square meters,There are a variety of test equipment in the workshop,high and low temperature test box、AOI fully automatic optical detector、Negative control test device、spectrometer、RF signal generator、high -speed oscilloscope、Insulation resistance tester、Insulation resistance tester、Sensor sensitivity monitoring device、Special Gao Frequency Bureau put an analog signal generator、Insulation resistance tester sensor sensitivity detection device、constant temperature and humidity box、high -speed oscilloscope、Static discharge generator、Langyong anti -disturbance experimental equipment、Industrial frequency magnetic field generator、pulse group generatorand other test equipment,With a complete product detection method,Make sure the quality of the product reaches the national first -class level。

Through unremitting technical process transformation and innovation,The company has been equipped with German European Dragon、Japan Yamaha、Shenzhen Duo Duo、Emerson and other high precision、High -tech mechanical products,IncludingFull automatic high -speed module patch machine、Lead -free hot air return welding machine、Full automatic visual printing machine、Full automatic computer cutting machine、Full automatic selective coating line、Double -wave welding machine、Automatic drying box、Electromagnetic shielding roomand other types of equipment to fully meet the production supply requirements.