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After -sales serviceAfter-Sale Service

Quality and after -sales service commitment letter

The company has a professional、Efficient after -sales service team,Adhering to the "customer first,Services of Serving ",Products and services that improve quality and cost -effectiveness for customers,Improve customer satisfaction。
1. Introduction to the customer service department system
1.1 service range
    Provide a complete service solution for products operated by the company,Including the installation of the product at the scene、debug、Investment,Repair during the product life cycle、Upgrade、Transformation and other content。Guarantee equipment safety、Stable、Reliable operation,Comprehensively meet customer needs。
1.2 Composition of the department
The company's after -sales service department has more than 60 employees,Bachelor degree or above accounts for 90%or more,There are more than 30 people with more than 10 years of service experience。

Framework of the after -sales service team
1.3 Work mode of the service department
The company has set up 32 offices nationwide,The office has the resident service engineer and a certain number of spare parts,Guaranteed to solve the problem for the first time。
Active service management method: divide nationwide into six major areas,A person in charge of the establishment of each area,Responsible for organizing installation in this area、debug、Elderly and other work,Several debugging engineers under the head of the area,Responsible for the debugging of the specific projects in the region; the department establishes a top -down mode centered,Improve service response timely,Make sure that project information is transferred to the workflow in time。
There is a maintenance team under the department,For equipment that has been launched,Service Department Maintenance Commissioner regularly conducts on -site and telephone return visit,Timely understand the operation of the equipment,Provides excellent solutions for the technical reform requirements proposed by customers。

1.4 After -sales service work flow chart

2. Service content and service commitment

1The company provides maintenance、Guiding Book of Maintenance Operations,and the device to get out of the factory information;

Equipment installation and commissioning phase and after being put into operation,After -sales is responsible for training on the site,and provide technical consultation and on -site technical guidance at any time according to the needs of the user;

2)During the warranty period,Free warranty and upgrade services that optimize performance; for technical problems that occur during equipment operation,Our remote service response time is less than1 hour,For problems that remote guidance cannot be solved,Our company arranges personnel within 12 hours to conduct on -site servicesAll employees of the company's service department phoneOpen 24 hours,From the moment of the need for user needs,Acceptance immediately

3) Establish a device operation file for each user,Contact each time、Service、Receiving visits and quality feedback information recorded in the case,Make quality analysis

4) The company is equipped with a maintenance team with technical personnel as the core,Maintenance Specialist will check the equipment regularly,Work hard to make users rest assured; the company is in the idea of ​​"drinking water",Continuous improvement in service,Provide valid and timely on -site services for customers,Push the excellent product upgrade plan at the same time,To get a perfect customer experience。The general person in charge of the service department phoneZhang Chengtao15065810161Service Department office phone0538-8933891