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Euro 2024 Qualifying Group Introduction

        Euro 2024 Qualifying Group Co., Ltd.、Special car、Low -voltage electrical appliances、Large -scale enterprise groups in many industries such as environmental protection equipment。At present, the company's comprehensive economic indicators rank among the forefront of the country's transmission and transformation industry,It is one of the few in my country that can completely have 550 dry and below voltage level transmission and transformation equipment.、One of the large enterprise groups of the general contracting key capacity of the power station engineering project。Over the years,Products have been sold to autonomous regions of all provinces and cities in my country,Exit to Russia、India、Pakistan、Poland、Africa、South America and other more than 60 countries and regions,Enjoy extensive reputation in power engineering at home and abroad。At present, the group has more than 1,200 independent patents,"Euro 2024 Qualifying" trademark was rated as "China Famous Trademark"。

Euro 2024 Qualifying Automation Co., Ltd. Introduction

        Euro 2024 Qualifying is the wholly -owned subsidiary of EURO 2024 Qualifying Group Corporation,Founded in 2003,Registered funds 110 million yuan,Comprehensive protection of voltage level substation of 110kV and below、6KV/10KV high -voltage inverter、Intelligent integrated power supply、Four series of products online monitoring of substation equipment,Is the second system integration、Professional manufacturers of inverter energy -saving applications; the company has 4,000 square meters of scientific research buildings and 10,000 square meters of purification production workshop,Equipped with high standard fully automatic circuit board welding、Test the assembly line and large test、Simulation testing equipment nearly 100 sets; the product passes through the National Institute of Electric Power、State Grid (South Network) Academy of Electric Sciences、National Reex Electrical Protection Center、Strict test of national authoritative institutions such as Kaipu Labs,Provide users with stability、Reliable、High -quality power products。

        Company Construction has Shandong Enterprise Technology Center、Tai'an Institute of Institute of Institute of Intelligent Power Network、Tai'an City "One Enterprise, One Technology" R & D Center three municipal levels at or above the city level at or above the city level , It is identified as a national high -tech enterprise、Technology -based SME、Tai'an Innovation Enterprise、Standardization of National Safety Production Standardization 2nd Enterprise ,Obtained "National Excellent Innovation Enterprise in the Electronic Information Industry"、"Excellent Enterprise of Electronic Information Industry in Shandong Province"、"National Advanced Working Unit of the Standardization Technical Committee of the National Variable Plusal Metering Equipment" and other honorary titles。​​Having "Smart Power High -frequency DC Power Cabinet" and "Comprehensive Automation System Backstage Monitoring Software" in Shandong,In 2019, he was selected as the leader (cultivation) company , The front of the industry。

        The company participated in 12 national standards、The drafting and formulation of the standard of the power industry,Is the Relay Protection Special Committee、Special Committee for Status Monitoring of Electric Equipment、EPTC DC Power System Special Committee、National Power Electrical System and Equipment Standardization Technology Committee member unit,Is Shandong Province Double Soft Enterprise,With a number of independent intellectual property rights,Get software copyright 27 items,60 patents。

        The company is committed to the application research and development of the four series of product research and system integration,ISO Quality System is implemented in product development、Manufacturing、Long -term and Tsinghua,Long -term and Tsinghua、West Communications、North China Electrica、Mountain University and other universities to conduct technical union and talent exchange,280 people existing employees,Persons with a bachelor's degree or above account for 60%,Graduate degree or above 50 people,Equipped with R & D、Project、Test、Services four professional technical teams,More than 60 middle and senior engineers,Forever product innovation vitality。

The company has more than 30 people with engineering design teams,40 people after -sales service team,Design with products with more than ten years、Engineers with service experience as the core,Provide users with the best system solution and comfortable product experience; the company set up East China nationwide、Northeast、Northwest、Southwest、Northeast、6 major service areas of China、18 offices,All offices are equipped with resident service engineers and spare parts warehouse,Make sure efficiency、Quick product service。

       Over the years,Euro 2024 Qualifying card protection、Inverter、Integrated power supply、Online monitoring four series of more than 10,000 sets of products,Best selling domestic and foreign power grids、Corporate users,Applicated to the State (Southern) Power Grid、Power Generation、Water conservancy、Metallurgy、Chemical、Coal and other industries,and serving a number of national key projects; the company always adheres to "customer needs" as the guide,Promoting "Positive、Integrity、Practical、Innovation "corporate spirit,Adhering to "Pursuing Excellence、Return to Society "corporate purpose,Excellent product performance、Excellent product quality、High -quality after -sales service,Delivery provides users with the best product。

        Current,Company products are widely used in national power grid engineering and funds、Petroleum、Coal、Chemical and other factory and mines,Users are all over 30 provinces and regions in China and export them to Russia、India、Iran、Indonesia and other more than 30 countries and regions。