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Corporate Culture Corporate Culture
Enterprise emblem, trademark, spirit, purpose, employee defensive code
I.Corporate logo, product trademark

2. Corporate spirit, purpose, and employee rules

(1) Enterprise spirit

Positive, honest, pragmatic, innovative


Zuo Dao Denzhuan Grand Du Pioneer and the Law of the Law

Sincerely keep the promise service service sincerely establish credibility

The truth is to be down -to -earth to fight against the times to reflect the value

Open vision boldly explores new and different creations

(2) Corporate purpose

Pursuing excellence, returning to society


1、Self -improvement、Self -Development,Keep surpassing self,never stop pursuing outstanding performance,Super Routine、Jump -type expansion of the economic scale,In the process of economic globalization, it will be more glorious tomorrow。

2. For domestic、The two international markets provide more and more high -quality products,​​Create more and more economic and social benefits,Pay more and more taxes for the country,Continuous expansion of reproduction,Strengthen the employment employee team,Cultivate the modern "four" newcomers,benefit the people,Provide as many material and spiritual food for the whole people's Panjangkang。

(3) Employee Code

1. Integrity, integrity, pragmatic innovation, and striving for first -class;

2, follow the discipline of law, let the law prohibit, take care of the overall situation;

3. Dedication and love, studying business, adhering to their duties;

4. True quality, improve efficiency, and work well;

5. Unity and cooperation, close cooperation, fair work;

6. Civilized to others, humble cautiousness, help others;

7. Loyal enterprises, make more contributions, regardless of fame and fortune;

8. Seeking truth, pragmatic, pursuing excellence, and return to society.